Integrated Health Kwagala Farm


What is thisKwagala Farm?

•An urban farm that has trained over 10,000 farmers in farming integrated with health
•Uganda has approximately 45 million people
•Currently 85% of them do not have access to personal protective equipment (PPEs)
•In addition they lack adequate information and education on COVID-19.

Who we work withatKwagala Farm?

-Civil Society Organizations

What we are doing around COVID-19 ?


•Educate and sensitize households and communities regarding signs, symptoms and transmission of COVID-19
•Sensitize communities through the distribution of MOH approved IEC materials, SMS, phone calls and one on one interactions while observing social distance
•Support the placement of handwashing facilities in communities and health facilities and encourage the local residents to use them
•Support the health systems in preparing the communities for the eventual introduction of COVID-19 vaccines that are in development


•Under the  supervision of facility-based  health workers, identify persons with COVID-19 signs and symptoms and  report suspected cases by calling the toll-free lines on 0800-203-033 / 0800 303 033 and 0800 100 066

Please do not ignore these symptoms


•Monitor COVID-19 patients by phone for clinical deterioration. (Where phone coverage is not available, go outside the patient home within a range of 4 meters distance)
•Use of technology to support the rapid referral of individuals who require hospitalization
•Support patients under self-isolation to access food, social services, and medical support.    
•With proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to  support contact tracing, symptom reporting, and phone monitoring of contacts of COVID-19 patients to ensure

Who is ourtarget audience?

Target audience is youth, women, and children.
Caregivers that we have trained in communities.
Youth and women we have trained in the past and we want to reach.