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Integrated Health Kwagala Farm also known as Kwagala Farm was founded in 2010 to drive urban food and nutrition security. Though a company limited by guarantee, we have a strong community social responsibility component and have supported more than 500 households to establish and grow urban farming projects. Located on half an acre in Kisaasi-Kulambiro, Central Kampala, we have rapidly grown into a center of excellence for urban farming and have won local and international awards.

The Farm is built on the belief that you don’t need a large space to get into urban farming and encourages urban dwellers to use their backyards creatively to grow vegetables and other nutritious foods. We have also cultivated market linkages for urban women and currently run three projects in Katanga slum, Luwero, and Mukono that aimed at transforming the livelihoods of women through urban farming concepts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a national model for leveraging modern agricultural planning and programming techniques to create and sustain agricultural transformation, especially for the most vulnerable in society.


Our Vision

We envision empowered farmers that are equipped with the tools, resources and networks that they need to improve their livelihoods, realize food and nutrition security and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Core Objective

To design and implement farmer-centered projects aimed at boosting the livelihoods of farmers; especially the most vulnerable (the poorest, women, youth), enhancing food and nutrition security, and promoting climate change resilience.

Services and Programmes

Our training covers a range of thematic areas including nutrition and food security, entrepreneurship and business management, and urban farming. The primary targets and beneficiaries of our training program include the most vulnerable in the community including the unemployed youth, teenage mothers, single mothers, and victims of gender-based violence. More than 2000 of these have received training from our Farm.

We continue to seek organizations and companies that are interested in helping us scale the impact of our training programmes.

If you are interested in collaborating or partnering, please get in touch here.

Our urban farm situated on only a quarter an acre in Uganda's capital Kampala has won several awards and become an urban farming center of excellence. The farm has helped more than 1000 urban dwellers to gain the skills necessary to transform their backyards into thriving gardens.

Since 2012, the Farm has been producing a range of organic fertilizers and related inputs including bio soil boosters and odor neutralizers, among others. In 2019, with support from the Netherlands Embassy and AVSI/SKY, the farm acquired equipment that has helped us to boost fertilizer production. With this, we are able to produce more and through an ambitious marketing programme, we will be able to take the fertilizer to more farmers in Uganda.

Uganda has one of the lowest fertilizer usage rates in sub-Saharan Africa. Farmers continue to grapple with soils that are depleted of fertilizer and organic matter and unable to support healthy plant life. This problem is compounded by limited access to quality fertilizer and knowledge on good agricultural practices including fertilizer application. We seek to address this challenge with an organic fertilizer that is easy to use and with the capacity to rejuvenate soil.

Our fertilizer has been certified by the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) and is made from bio-materials including traditional Ugandan herbs that are sourced from the communities we work in.

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Women have been central in our programming because of the important role they play in ensuring that their families are food and nutrition secure. Our support to women groups and individual women is a key component of our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

We currently run two projects under our Women Support Programme. Our Katanga Women Project trains women in the Katanga slum on how they can improve nutrition using urban farming techniques. Aside from training, these women are provided micro-grants to enable them to acquire the inputs needed to start urban farms and small businesses. Some of these grants are in form of products that they use to set up fresh produce stalls or fertilizer and other farm inputs.

Our Luwero Women Programme is a pilot programme aimed at supporting the most vulnerable farmers to access fertilizer and other farm inputs and to linking them to market opportunities for their produce. The programme builds off the successful launch of the Kwagala Organic Fertilizer which has been instrumental in increasing farm yield for users.

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